I think most upperclassmen, myself included, have more than once entertained the fantasy of reliving their college years with the advantage of knowing what they know now. More than once I’ve regretted having never attended a Beastie Boys concert. It would have been nice to see my ex coming and know to turn and run before he ever delivered his pick-up line. It also wouldn’t have hurt to find out I was kidding myself with that accounting major. Funny, after talking it over with so many of my fellow upperclassmen, it isn’t answers to chemistry tests they’d whisper to their past selves, its answers to the test of life.

The following letter is the first in a series called “A Letter to My Freshman Self” brought to you by The Crow’s Nest. The letters aren’t a cheat sheet for upcoming classmen, nor are they a how-to guide. They are the personal reflections of CCGA students that deliver the honest, personal, and (at times) humorous confessions of those nearing their graduation date.

I invite you to look for these stories throughout the semester. They will appear in both our blog and print issue. I’d also like to thank Alvin for being the first to bare his soul.

Enjoy. The letters begin now.

-Erin Broomell

Copy Editor

The Crow’s Nest