Dear Freshman Hannah,

Dear Freshman Hannah,

Congratulations, you got in! Now the fun begins.

I'm sure you're nervous, maybe even terrified. Don’t worry. It’s all going to be okay. The first few classes are an adjustment for everyone so don't freak out.

Be a good student- just because you have more freedom doesn't mean you should just run free. College is made up of new experiences, friendships and learning, but be sure to learn. Take in all that you can, be like a sponge. Take hard teachers. I know it doesn't seem like a good way to go, but you will learn more and grow more in these classes than ones you can just slid through.

Don't be afraid to go after something big, in fact, dream big.

People will try to limit your potential, but don't let them. Instead, prove them wrong.

It’s okay if you fail or don't get an A in that class. The first class that you don't do as well as you thought you could is like a brick wall. Did I pick the right degree? Am I stupid? What did I do wrong? Sometimes it just doesn't work out the first time, but that's okay, just try again. There is great victory in not giving up.

Don't listen to the critics. In the words of T. Swift, “Shake it off, shake it off, shake it off…”

People will try to discourage you from certain paths, don’t let them. If that is your calling or your passion pursue it, own it and love it.

Make new friends. College is meant to be a time of fun and enjoyment so go to that sports event. See a late movie on campus. Eat Waffle House at midnight. It’s all part of the experience.

Find joy in the journey and enjoy the little things of college life. Find that awesome place to study (it will be Wake-Up Coffee for sure).

Learn to love life and live it the best you can.

One day, you will be closing this chapter in your book of life and entering the next chapter. So write a good story. Live a good life. And love those around you. It can be scary to start a new chapter, but with it comes new adventures.

It’s all going to work out and you are going to grow so much that it will all be worth it.

            Endless love and support,

            Your Senior Self