Take It Back To The Nineties

By Erin Broomell | Copy Editor

Nostalgia for the ‘90s is exploding among Millennials like Pam Anderson out of her Baywatch-issued one-piece. In retail stores it’s crop-tops and overalls. “Boy Meets World” has returned to TV in an updated version titled “Girl Meets World”. New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys have returned with an international tour. Much of present day pop-culture can be credited to the decade colorful enough to give rise to Nirvana, Hanson and TLC – all on cassette tape!

If you’ve ever ended a sentence with, “Sike!” it’s likely you once thought the songs we’ve hand-picked were all that and a bag of potato chips. If you’re a little confused YouTube our ‘90s picks and discover a part of the decade that was too legit to quit. 

Alt-Rock Anthems

For many Millennials a leather jacket and grainy, black and white video is likened to The 1975’s video for “Chocolate.” For Generation X it might conjure images from the Pixies’ video of “Where Is My Mind?” Originally released in 1988 this song was revived in 1996 on the soundtrack for the movie “Fight Club.” It’s the song whose oscillating minor chords likely kept you listening even after the credits where rolling. Too punk? Give Spin Doctors “Two Princes” a listen. Carful, it’s catchy. Many of Generation X spent time trying to get it out of their heads.

Slow and Steady

A guy. His guitar. Soulful sounds and a whole lot love. No, not Ed Sheeran.  In 1991 that was Mr. Big. If you like Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” you won’t be disappointed by Mr. Big’s “To Be With You.” Both songs spent time on the Billboard Hot 100. Mr. Big made it to the number one spot while Sheeran peaked at number two.

Chords and Confessions

If you liked Hozier’s dark and irreverent metaphorical references in “Take Me To Church,” listen to Joan Osborne’s “One Of Us” from 1996. Neither is for the easily offended. Both songs received Grammy nominations for Song of the Year.

Mixtape Madness

Kendrick Lamar’s style is heavily influenced by West Coast gangsta rap of the 1990s. However, in his song “Alright” the themes of social and mental unrest are akin to that of “Tennessee” by Arrested Development. The song features a sample from Prince’s “Alphabet Street.”

Cool Runnings

Reggae-fusion artists like Rihanna, Magic and OMI owe their genre’s popularity to the ‘90s artists who shaped the genre. Give a listen to Inner Circle’s “Sweat” from 1993. They’re one of many artists who brought dance-hall influenced music into the limelight during the mid1990s.

It’s all Country to Me

Whether Darius Rucker is the man who made or marred “Wagon Wheel” for you, the album “No Depression” by Uncle Tupelo is praised by country, Americana and folk music fans alike. The record is considered one of the most important alternative country albums. Uncle Tupelo and similar alternative country bands paved the way for many cross-over country artists like Darius Rucker.