No Friend Zone

By Kansas Robison

Have you ever had that friendship with the opposite sex in which you secretly wanted it to be more, but didn’t say anything because you knew it’d be a one sided feeling? And then a year passes…two….three,  and suddenly your “bestie” blurts out the words you’ve been dying to hear for the extent of your friendship: “I like you as more than a friend”. At this moment your heart is jumping for joy at this admission, and you immediately reciprocate the feelings by admitting your true feelings and intent.

I am here to make you stop and question your feelings before you declare them for the whole world to hear. Either one of two things has happened to cause this change: 

1. He/she never thought you were attractive enough to begin with (looks or personality wise)

2. They don’t have any balls.*

If the first scenario is your case, it must be noted that is now only after constant wearing down of companionship that has changed his/her mind. This begs the question of how will he/she feel if there was time and distance between you. 

My second point is more directed towards men since you all are the ones that do the majority of asking out. Here is a little secret: There is nothing more attractive than being assertive. I am not guaranteeing that being self-assured will get you where you want to be, but when you are genuinely successful it is a golden moment in your existence; butterflies in the stomach and all. 

So either just be friends with no hidden motives, or express what you want sooner than later. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t let another person control your feelings. Just because one day you think “oh, they must like me because this text has two smiley faces” doesn’t mean they do. I promise you will end up spinning your thoughts in circles trying to figure out what this person is getting at. It is safe to say that if you have been friend zoned for a year, it is not going to happen**.  And when in doubt, refer back to the wise words of the movie He’s Just Not Into You: when a guy likes a girl, he will make it happen.

*This was written from a female’s perspective

**This has a 75% accuracy rate

***This was not a personal experience, just an observation made

Your friend,