Lessons of Life 101 for the College Student

By Felicia Baggs

1. Make sure every day you do something that makes you smile and laugh.

  • It is not wise to go throughout the day anxious or angry because it can crowd your thought process and keep you from focusing on your work as well as enjoying your day. 

2. Recognize what makes you angry.

  • A key to becoming a better person is learning to avoid giving energy to all things. If you give less energy to things that bother you, you can mature and eventually be at peace with big challenges and even your enemies.

  • Anger is the first symptom of bitterness. As you learn to recognize what makes you angry, you learn to make the conscious decision to fix it at this particular moment. For example: If there is a conflict that arises between you and your best friend and you are still in that setting, be the better person and tell them what is concerning you right then and there.  Next is a crucial and important step: wait for the response. If you approach them in a calm manner devoid of irritability and attitude, most of the time the response will be one that is apologetic. This will strengthen your friendship and even make it easier for situations like this later. Trust this.  It will happen again.

3. Don’t ruin today thinking about tomorrow.

  • We all only get one day at a time. You are not guaranteed to even wake up the next morning, so it is very important that each second of everyday you use it with a purpose. If you find yourself wasting time, you must recognize this fact and learn to use it. 

  • Challenge yourself to do 3 things every day. Something for God (whatever faith you ascribe to), something for yourself, and something for someone else. 

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered by the Peacemaker

Felicia Baggs