Dollar General Hacks

By Devin Banach

When passing through Small Town, Georgia, it is nearly impossible to not notice the presence of a few essential establishments: the jiffy stops (gas stations), the bank, the roadside produce vendors, and the black and yellow signage of the Dollar General.

Apart from being at the top of the “to loot during the impending zombie apocalypse/nuclear disaster” list, why is it that Dollar General seems so prevalent in Georgian society? Why are there so many of them? These are the questions that (probably) haunt nobody but are semi-interesting, nonetheless.

Dollar General has 12,000 domestic stores; Georgia has 696 of these (Brunswick has around 12). Georgia has the third largest amount of Dollar Generals in the United States behind Texas at 1,267 stores and Florida at 720 stores. To put this into context, Wal-Mart has 11,000 stores sprawled out globally. The Dollar General chain in Georgia is condensed to a 59,000 square mile radius.

Why is Dollar General so popular? Perhaps its the draw of frog-themed welcome mats, Folger’s instant coffee and tropical fish food that draws Americans into the exhibit of curiosities that is held in their local store. Perhaps its how dang cheap everything is.

So, how can a CCGA student utilize his/her local Dollar General? Here are some very useful and wonderfully inexpensive Dollar General hacks:

1) Keep your car clean by using a cereal box as a trash can.

2) Pick your favorite plastic animal and turn him into a bookend.

3) Take plastic bins from the dollar store and upgrade them using metallic spray paint to give them a tin finish.

4) Use ice cube trays to organize jewelry. 

5) Cut pool noodles to keep boots in good shape.