Fall-lalalala Playlist

By Devin Banach

You’ve undoubtedly noticed the ridiculous amount of sweaters being stocked in stores everywhere (they fail to realize that it doesn't get cold in Georgia; it just doesn’t), the subtle change in the leaves’ colors, and the appearance of pumpkin flavored and scented EVERYTHING. It’s fall! Fake spider webs are beginning to cover various surfaces (side note: can we all just agree that fake cobwebs are the absolute worst decoration of all time?). The screams of pumpkin spice latte lovers can be heard throughout the crisp autumn air. So to drown out the echo of PSL excitement, pop in your headphones and give this autumnal playlist a listen. 

Arabella by the Arctic Monkeys

Personally, when I need to cool down, I like to take a dip in the Arctic Monkeys pool. It's still classic rock and roll but it's definitely got a smooth, sexy flow to it.

Jolene by Ray LaMontagne

There’s always room, in any season, for an indie singer/songwriter song or two. There’s something so soothing and comforting about this song. That’s really all there is to say about it.

Other Man by Jimi Charles Moody

Fall is the perfect time to delve into some more soulful music. This is the type of music that you can just slip into. His deep smokey voice lulls the listener into what feels like another time and place.

Faithful by Ibeyi

Ibeyi is just really great. Two gorgeous ladies making really awesome music: what’s not to love. They mix influence from their African and Caribbean roots which is a winning combination. 

Gasoline by Houndmouth

This song has such a captivating melody. It’s slow paced with some kick ass vocals. It's got a rough, almost-finished sound. It's a gorgeous combination of singer/songwriter and the emotion-evoking power of blues. This is the type of song that will leave you speechless. 

You can enjoy to the rest of my Fall Playlist on Spotify here.