Coffee vs. Tea

By Kansas Robison

My theory is that you start college loving coffee or you leave college loving coffee.  Whether it’s a small regular, a large caramel macchiato or a triple shot of espresso, college students have recognized the energized after-effect of this flavorful phenomenon that has swept the western hemisphere.  While this has been the trend on our side of the globe, the eastern nations have been experiencing a somewhat different tendency.  Asia is the founding father of the great coffee backup: tea. 

Personally, I love both coffee and tea, but heard from so many people that “tea is more healthy than coffee” so I unwittingly surrendered my rights to a grande chai latte with two shots of espresso and a pump of white mocha.  But one day I had to stop and wonder if coffee is actually worse for me than tea.  Evidence shows that drinking coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimers disease, heart disease, and type two diabetes.  It turns out coffee isn’t necessarily a bad thing (granted, I still wouldn’t recommend too much of it), although I think I’ve fallen in love with tea for good.