A Day For Everyone

By Jenna Caldwell | Web Editor

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year and who doesn’t love a good Sunday? Whether you’re spending yours sleeping in until noon, binge watching your favorite TV shows, meal planning and preparing, or enjoying the beautiful outdoors, Sundays are meant for relaxing and recharging.

Spreading the love isn’t just for those already coupled up. Grab your best and funniest friends, pick up some snacks and champagne, put on your sweats, and indulge in the ultimate Valen-Sunday. Here are some ways your day can rock regardless of if you’re single or dating someone.


Want to watch every episode of New Girl in your pajamas? Great! Want to order pizza and play silly games with your friends? Fine! Want to ignore the outside world, hide under your comfy covers, and read The Hunger Games all day (and night)? Sold! Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the worst thing in the world. This day belongs to you, therefore you get to celebrate it however you best see fit.

It’s easy to forget how expensive this holiday can get. Being single means you can save money now and splurge on your Spring Break trip later. You can also steer clear of the relationship drama. There won’t be any stress over what a partner did or didn’t get you, or who is in charge of planning the day.

Try enjoying your own company and have a date with yourself. Taking a little time away from your normal crazy busy college life to just reflect and have a moment to yourself can be rewarding. Instead of moping about being single, use the free time you have to get yourself organized. Get a head start on those assignments you’ve been avoiding or clean up your calendar. If spending the day alone sounds miserable, perhaps it’s time you took a risk on the special someone you’ve been eyeing and ask them to spend a lazy Sunday with you.


Rather than breaking the bank with gifts, activities and dinner, opt for something simpler (and potentially more meaningful). Meet for coffee or a drink and just chat the day away. You could also enjoy a candlelit dinner for two at home (in my case, two and a half… anyone willing to babysit?) Ask your partner random questions you didn’t know the answers to. Getting together doesn’t have to mean having a huge expensive meal; the quality of your company is priceless.

Valentine’s Day is only one day out of the year, but don’t let it be the only one with some romance involved. Use the whole weekend to fall even more in love. Savannah is one of mine and my husband’s favorite ‘get-away’ spots, and Jacksonville and Fernandina aren’t too far away either. Split gas to cut costs and rent a local AirBNB to save money on your lodging.

The main thing to remember when you’re in a relationship is not to take things so seriously on Valentine’s Day. Don’t expect too much out of your sweetheart when you know that they are a broke college student just like you. Just try and implement some thoughtful gestures throughout the day to help your partner feel loved and appreciated. Don’t worry if you can’t afford that Michael Kors watch. Instead, grab that cheesy overstuffed teddy bear and box of chocolates you saw in Target’s $1 isle. Throw a sentimental card and bottle of wine into the goody bag and you’ll rack up romance points that you can cash in later in the night.