Dingy Dorm Date Ideas

By The Crow's Nest staff

While you were out scheming and tricking whomever it is into being your significant other, The Crow’s Nest came through with a couple of less-than romantic dates that you and your main squeeze can indulge in all within the confines of Lakeside Village. Say hello to your new trashy Valentine’s Day weekend agenda.

Lava Lamp Dessert Date

Don’t forget your moist towelettes because this trashy date idea is going to get messy! Start off with a simple lava lamp lit dessert date in one of your rooms. You’re killing two birds with one stone here. Lack of wildfire from the lava lamp allows the residence halls not to burn down. If you ate at the Galley earlier, you hopefully snagged a couple gooey cookies and stuffed some ice cream in your pocket. Hook those cookies up with an 11 second nuking and combine with your ice cream for a trashy evening indoors with your boo. If you’re looking to spice things up, shuffle through your pantry (sink drawer) and grab your ramen flavor packages to add to some kick to any leftover foods you jacked from the galley. 

Psuedo-Starry Night Date

Since it’s too cold to go out stargazing and you’re too lazy to get out of your bed in this scenario, let’s improvise. First, contemplate driving your own car somewhere for all the supplies you need. Then when you’re done wasting time doing that, send a text to all of your friends with vehicles to see if they’re already out and about running errands for themselves. Once you’ve cunningly convinced one of them through good ole-fashioned guilt to bring you back some Glow-In-The-Dark stars from Party City, you can really start the fun. Spend the next two hours stretching your arms and legs out by placing the stars on your ceiling in a fashion that would make an astronomer’s heart flutter. Call your tenderoni over and watch the stars together. The rest is a Nicholas Sparks movie if you believe hard enough. Thank me later.

Okay so obviously these weren’t the most romantic ideas on the planet, but teamwork makes the dream work and we’re here to help. If you liked this article and decided to take some of our tips, tweet us @CCGA_CrowsNest to tell us what you think.