Yung Casanova

By Drew C. Miller | Creative Media Editor

Chance Moncus, a freshman at College of Coastal Georgia, is working towards a Business Marketing degree by day and moonlights as a rap and hip-hop artist under the moniker Yung Casanova. His degree goes hand in hand with his talent: he hopes to use this degree to help the self-promotion process. 

Influenced by his mother singing soprano in a church choir growing up, Moncus began singing at the age of six and began rapping at the age of 13. After winning first place in a talent show at Jane Macon Middle School for singing New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain,” he had the epiphany that performing was something that he was more than interested in doing; he wanted to make creating and performing music his life. 

“The message of my music is no matter what your past is, you can still become someone and something,” Moncus says. “I was in foster care from 16 to 18 years old. I was told that I wasn’t going to complete high school one week before graduation. Yet, I pushed through and accomplished getting my diploma. 

“Being the oldest sibling of 19 brothers and sisters, I have to set the prime example of what and how to do things; I have to be a positive role model,” he continues. “That’s why I am pursuing the dream of creating music and furthering my education, dreams I have had for a long time. You can persevere through anything if your mind is put to it.”

His first performance was at the ripe age of 14, opening for Travis Porter at Jakes in Darien. Moncus has been performing in Brunswick, Georgia at the likes of Tipsy McSway’s and Liquid Lounge since. 

He recently returned from performing in Atlanta at an event hosted by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, an organization dedicated to promoting independent acts in order to provide them with major opportunities. 

“My main focus is trying to get heard and to be put out there in the world,” Moncus claims. 

Getting his degree is the first priority. Once that is attained, he plans to focus solely on music. His five-song EP “Testimony of a Casanova: Part I” was released this year on Jan. 5. 

The record incorporates polished beats that fuse elements of hip-hop and rap to create a unique vibe, sound and character in the surrounding and extended rap and hip-hop community. 

He is currently signed to Wick Town Records, based out of Brunswick. The second part of his debut will be released at the end of March, according to Moncus. 

Moncus has also extended his passion for music as he has begun hosting a chorale group for CCGA students. For those vocally inclined and interested, meetings are held Tuesdays and Thursdays in Student Activity Center Group Meeting Room118.