1900 Block of Norwich St.

 Photo of HBGB's new mural by Drew C. Miller

Photo of HBGB's new mural by Drew C. Miller

By Drew C. Miller | Creative Media Editor

In the Fall 2015 Semester, The Crow’s Nest spoke with three local Brunswick business owners: Tony Mills, Jana Vinson and Margeé Theiler. With their powers combined they own and operate HBGB’s OMFUG (he-bee gee-bees), X-Ray Tattoo and Gamma Ray Vintage. When last spoken to they were detailing their future visions in regard to development of the Downtown Brunswick 1900 block of Norwich St. 

“A couple of weeks ago we finally finished the mural outside of HBGB’s, which serves as an announcement that we are running and fully operational,” said Mills. The completion of their efforts was capped off with the inclusion of the mural and the completed development of Kreepo Comics. The change is evident upon driving down Norwich. The 1900 strip provides a brightly colored landscape and is a pleasing eye-grabbing contrast to the surrounding areas.  Here is an update and the skinny on what is being offered at the 1900 block of Norwich. 

Firstly, the newly added Kreepo Comics is the Golden Isles’ only devoted resource to buy and trade vinyl records and comic books. This is the kind of place Mills always envisioned owning and operating. “All the records in Kreepo are solid, good records; rare gems of music not found anywhere else can be picked up here,” said Mills.   This venue also provides an opportunity for folks to peruse and purchase an array of collectible merchandise and memorabilia related to comic books, graphic novels, music and movies. 

Next door is HBGB’s OMFUG: (Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers). The term gormandizeris defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as “to eat gluttonously or ravenously.” In regard to this particular music venue, the term gormandizer directly applies to voracious consumers of music. This all ages music venue is devoted to bringing in bands from not only across the nation, but from across the globe as well.  This venue has been a beacon of light, leading droves of the post-Mary Ross Park music scene that dominated the late 2000s towards another avenue of musical and visual entertainment that Brunswick has been lacking ever since those halcyon days. A new era is upon Brunswick for independent musical acts. 

Two lots over is Gamma Ray Vintage, a vintage shop unlike any other found in the surrounding areas. American, kitsch, mid-century furniture, retro-nostalgia and an utter disregard to the literal junk that clutters the shelves of antique stores in the area, this shop is as unique as it is cool. Mills is going to begin “50-cent Record Wednesdays” within the coming weeks. Just two outlets from this is the shop that started it all: X-Ray Tattoo. Mills and his team of artists provide the freshest ink in Southeast Georgia.

With the completion of their collected vision, the 1900 block of Norwich offers a uniquely artistic shopping and community experience.  Students and the community alike are urged to check out these hip spots and support their local business and artists