Big Leadership Weekend

By Sarah Knott | Editor-In-Chief

Life after college is intimidating. Oftentimes I hear friends facing the uncertainties and question that surround it: what job will I have? Where will I live? Do I have the skills necessary to be on my own? Regardless of major, after college graduates will face the challenge of taking command and becoming a leader. Big Leadership Weekend is an opportunity for students to prepare themselves for that challenge. 

An annual event hosted by the college, Big Leadership Weekend allows students to develop and fine-tune their leadership skills. The Crow’s Nest sat down with Event Coordinator Angel Wright to talk more about the day.

“We can’t wait for Big Leadership Weekend this year. we have the pleasure of bringing back aboard our team, Tom Krieglstein,” said Wright. “You might remember Tom from two years ago at‘Little Leadership Weekend.’ He is the creator of the ‘Dance Floor Theory.’” The theory is one that Krieglstein has brought to campuses around the nation. It compares college campuses to dance floors and educates student leaders on how to get involved, stay involved, and get others involve themselves in campus clubs and activities. Wright continued, “Krieglstein has agreed to provide a spectacular and fun weekend for all the students who wish to attend.”

The day will consist of various activities for students, including listening to and working with Krieglstein. In addition to this, Krieglstein agreed to participate in a 20 on 1 VIP dinner with the first 20 people who register for the event. During the dinner, participants have the opportunity to ask questions and receive leadership advice from Krieglstein. It begins on Saturday, April 2, at 10 a.m. in the Southeast Georgia Conference Center. Be sure to register beforehand through an email sent to your student account or through