May the 'Mester Be With You

By Sarah Knott | Editor-In-Chief

Maymester offers alternative options for completing courses

Spring semester is very quickly drawing to a close. As it does the anticipation for summer continues to rise. Most of us will finish our exams, pack up and return home or go somewhere else to begin our summer break. A clever few, however, will stay just an extra two weeks and wipe another class out before they leave.

Maymester. The word was shrouded in mystery and confusion ever since I arrived here at the College of Coastal Georgia. For the longest time I thought that was just a poorly thought-out name for the summer semester, but in actuality it’s exactly what it sounds like: a semester contained within the month of May.

To put it simply: Maymester allows you to wipe out an entire course in just two weeks. While the hours more closely resemble that of a high school student, those taking a Maymester class will lighten their course load for the next semester and push them that much closer to completing their degree. Where time is concerned, Maymester an excellent option.

During the summer, it’s easy for students to fall out of the academic rhythm. Maymester can help keep you in the swing of things by providing you with a summer atmosphere with a bit of academic responsibility. This transition makes the switch from constant academia to the relaxation of summer more smooth, and will leave you with a sense of responsibility and time management for the rest of your summer.

In addition, Maymester provides a lax atmosphere with little distractions. With only one class to focus on, it’s much easier for your focus to stay with the subject. That being said, it’s wise to take a class that you enjoy. For example, if you can’t stand chemistry, you probably shouldn’t take it as a Maymester course since that’ll be all you focus on for the duration of the semester.

The 2016 Maymester begins May 9 and will continue through May 27. Be sure to take this time-saving opportunity and register through your COAST account for a course you’ll enjoy.