We Are Mariners: 100 Faces of Diversity

By Erin Broomell | Copy Editor

There’s a different atmosphere on the College of Coastal Georgia campus than the surrounding local area. To be on the campus is to be somewhere diverse with a greater sense of community among people in general, interfused with those who originate from various communities. This is true for most college campuses but it isn’t incidental; it’s something cultivated. Something college students, faculty and staff everywhere are all working toward is unifying for the purpose of education.  

The day after Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday was celebrated, CCGA Department of Diversity and Inclusion unveiled a work of photographic art: 100 photographs of CCGA students, faculty and staff unified into a single image of the diverse college community.  The work is a collaborative effort among Coordinator for Student Engagement in Intercultural Programs Brittany Garcia, Director of International Initiatives Adam Johnson, and the students and staff who were photographed.  

According to Garcia, the project’s goal is to, “highlight and capture our vibrant and diverse image.”  

Johnson defined that image.  “Diversity is not just about different skin color or name or hair color,” Johnson said. “Diversity is about where you’re from and your walk of life that you have participated in and where you are in life; whether you’re young or old, despite what ethnic background you’re from, regardless of what country you’re from.” 

Vice President of Student Affairs ,Dr. Jason Umfress, said the project was intended to spur conversation. In addition to the photography the project introduced #WeAreMariners 

“After a long standing tradition with the college, we continue to acknowledge our past and celebrate the knowledge progress we made and look forward to the progress we have yet to make when it comes to diversity on our campus,” Umfress said.  “We hope you will join us as we take part in a campus wide conversation about diversity. What it means and why it’s important. We hope you will join us as we acknowledge what makes us different and celebrate what makes us the same.” 

Join the conversation on Twitter using #WeAreMariners or visit the Campus Center and check out the posted event calendars for the cultural experiences Coastal has to offer.