Was My New Year’s Resolution to be Healthier?

By Colt Brockington | Contributor

1. Schedule Ahead 

All of our schedules can get very busy. We can get lost in the craziness of our everyday lives and forget all about our fitness and wellbeing. It is very beneficial to plan all of your gym and workout times on Sunday. This will allow you to set specific times for your exercise throughout the week. 

 2. Take the extra step 

There are instances in our everyday lives where we can incorporate healthy practices. We have the chance park in the back of the parking lot instead of trying to be up front. We have the option to take the stairs rather than an elevator. Whatever it may be, find a way to take the extra step! Your Fitbit will be pleased! 

3. Group fitness classes 

Do you struggle to motivate yourself to get in the gym or even workout when you get there? Well CCGA’s variety of group fitness classes along with our excellent instructors are a perfect fit for you. Our group fitness classes will help guide your exercise routines in an enjoyable but challenging manner. 

4. Stay persistent 

There is a good chance that you didn’t finish 2015 eating and exercising the way you wanted. It is going to be a challenging and rather difficult change in your life for 2016. You will most likely have a few slip ups, but the important thing is you have to stay determined! Don’t let one set back stop you from reaching your goal! It will ultimately pay off in the end.  

5. Set goals 

It is imperative that you set goals for yourself to reach. Set short-term and long-term goals. You will get frustrated and lose interest if you don’t have anything to aim for. Set realistic goals that you can achieve in two weeks, one month, and in three month time periods. Track your progress. Reaching your goals will give you a great sense of satisfaction!

Colt Brockington is a personal trainer for Mariner Recreation and can be reached at fitness@ccga.edu. Take advantage of the Resolution Special: one consultation and one training session for just $20. For a limited time only.