Ratchet Restrooms On Campus

By Alvin Fernando | Design Editor

We’ve all had our fair share of experience with bathrooms. Some of those experiences are more pleasant than others. Nothing rocks your day off the rails like dropping the kids off at the pool in a less than desirable environment. Here are a couple of bathrooms on campus that could use some improvement or less traffic.

Student Activity Center, Community Bathroom: Here you have what seems to be a solid option… until further examination. You’re practically next to the sand volleyball courts, which means you’re an excruciating walk away from any other feasible options; #firstworldprobs. The type of crowd that utilizes the bathrooms in the SAC are athletes or already sweaty freshman playing quasi-sweaty bar sports in the Recreation and Entertainment Center. Ding ding ding! There’s your first problem right there. Everyone is sweaty in the SAC and can’t help it. Now imagine all of those people using toilets. The result oozes chaos. 

I’m not sure what kind of treatment the toilets received in their past lives, but the porcelain spirits seem angry. Just when you think you’ve gotten into the groove of your routine, the squirrely flush sensors start firing off and you’re stuck enduring semi-automatic splashes on your undercarriage. To top it all off, everyone can hear your squeamish grunts from the vents leading to the foyer. 


Campus Center 1st floor: Where do I even begin? You couldn’t hire enough people to handle the lunchtime traffic on Mondays and Wednesdays. The floors are discarded with squares of toilet paper and the ivory thrones are sprinkled with the remnants of previous users. I remember when the new Dyson hand-dryers were put in and everyone felt like we had finally arrived as a campus. That era has passed and now a plethora of options for solid bathrooms has grown to the point that this dumping ground is on the naughty list! 

Library Bathroom: This bathroom gives me a headache just thinking about it. It isn’t that it’s the worst bathroom on campus; we’ll just say it’s seasonally challenged. When finals week is near and approaching, the fecal phantoms of the Brunswick campus collectively gather to throw a party in the interior of this room, leaving a trail of torn up toilet paper and drained soap dispensers. Dial Gold cascades down the wall in a sad attempt at Jackson Pollack ala Eeyore.  The popularity of the big stall during finals week seems as though you’re waiting in queue at Six Flags for the Batman ride. The sink’s faucets have sensors on them, which aren’t a problem until they gradually die off because you’ve apparently washed your hands for too long. This fun experience forces you to switch sinks with residual soap on your hands. 

When finals week isn’t enough stress on you, try going during the middle of the semester. Decompressing and phone surfing for an assumed relaxing experience turns into an irritating and eerie scene when this bathroom’s lights shut off due to inactivity. No amount of clapping, flailing your arms about, nor shouting can guarantee the reactivating of the lights.  This waddling walk of shame morphs into an air traffic controller dance that leaves you humiliated as someone walks in.

Honorable Bathrooms On Campus

By Alvin Fernando | Design Editor

If you’re like me, you too believe that using the restroom isn’t what it used to be on campus. Buildings are literally popping up from outta the ground and that adds more variety to the bathrooms you choose to use. We all gotta go. When you do (no pun intended), it’s all about comfort with yourself and your surroundings and there are legitimate reasons to why I meticulously choose the ones I do. Proper use of a restroom can put you ahead of the competition. Whether it’s dabbing a stain out of your shirt before a big presentation, or checking your hair while making kissy faces at yourself in the mirror (whatever you need to do, bud) we can all agree that using the restroom can make or break your day. That’s why I’ve put together a list of a few honorable mentions that I’ve tested out on campus.These toilets will be rated on: Cleanliness, Noise, Traffic /Availability, Proximity, and their individual oddities. 

1) ACS, First Floor: I mean what more do you want? You could put a commode in the Louvre and I would still prefer the ACS bathroom. Even opening the door is an experience in itself. You aren’t barraging through with your palms on the center of the door like a barbarian. You need real motor skills for this bad boy. The first thing you do is crank the handle down like you’re opening your first job’s office door. You know why? Because its business time. From there on it’s a museum. Stacks of toilet paper, extra-wide mirror and duel sinks all come together as you ride the sweet porcelain for the first time. The major perk to the ACS bathroom is the low consistent hum that almost puts you to sleep because it sounds like they’re playing the white noise machine that’s next to your bed. It’s an all-around great lavatory. 

2) ACS Building, Second Floor (Outside): I honestly almost didn’t put this one on the list because of how much I love it. You really have to go see it for yourself. It’s a bathroom they would have only built in the ‘80s. I first stumbled upon it when I took the elevator upstairs out of laziness and there it was sitting in all its glory. It may as well have been made of rubies because this bathroom is a precious gem. Let’s start off with the amenities. I was fumbling through Twitter on my phone and then decided to see if Wi-Fi even connected out that far and voila, it did! But alas, even the most perfect of situations has their downfall. There is one qualm I have with this outdoor experience and it’s seasonal. Whenever the weather gets hot (or cold), so does this bathroom. That’s the small price you must pay for sweet solitude. You can even hear the birds chirping outside. 

3) Andrews Center, Financial Aid Office, First Floor: This bathroom may or may not have been my fort of refuge during the dreaded week of Financial-Aid refunds. Besides the sentimental aspect of it all, this restroom has the least amount of sparkling and new amenities. You’re not going to find the Dyson Hand-Dryers boasting their elegance like in the Campus Center or Nursing Building. What you get here is no-nonsense bread and butter. With the exception of the first few weeks of school, there is almost no traffic coming through those doors. Due to the lack of traffic, the stalls stay stacked with toilet paper so you never have to worry about unequipped commodes. The faucets are manual so you don’t have to deal with finicky sensors, just a constant stream of hand-washing goodness. 

All Things Fall-Related

By Cat Wright

Fall means football, crunchy leaves and lots of food. In addition, the Deep South offers it’s own an eclectic mix of fall activities. The southern traditions are a little bit harder to come by, so here is a fall count down to help spice up this fall season.

1) Each year ABC Family puts together a Halloween movie list counting down to Halloween. These movies consist of classics such as, Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Tim Burton classics and other kid friendly movies for the inner child in us. 

2) Halloween and trick-or-treating might be for kids but you’re never too old to party. Grab some of your friends, tell them to bring their friends and potluck some fall treats.  Have everyone dress up in the costume of there choice or set a theme and make it competition!

3) Cool air and changing leaves make for the coziest season of all. Get out and get your fix for the fall season. Try visiting a pumpkin patch or maybe do the corn maze at Poppell Farms. For more information visit www.poppellfarms.com

4) On a college budget? Here are three cheap and easy fall snacks to sweeten up your season.


1 can cream soda                                                                   

½ teaspoon butter extract                                                  

½ teaspoon rum extract                                   

Caramel or butter scotch syrup                   

Whip cream of choice

Serve Chilled.

Spooky Oreos: 

1 pack of Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies

1 can frosting of choice

Follow cooking instructions the back of the cookie box. After the cookies cool, take frosting and put your desired amount on one side. Sandwich together with a unfrosted cookie and place in the refrigerator of 10 minutes. Take out and enjoy.

Carmel Apple Slices:

1 Granny Smith Apple                        

Melting Chocolate

1 Packet of Skewers                    

Jar of Sprinkles

1 Can Caramel Sauce

Core apples and slice into 1/8 silces.

Stick apples with skewers half way through. Dip apples in caramel. Melt chocolate and drizzle onto slices. Add sprinkles or nuts for fun.


CCGA Dance Team

By Ja'Bria McClendon | Contributor

The CCGA Dance Team is in its second consecutive year at the College of Coastal Georgia. The members decided to kick-off their 2015-2016 year performing at Coastal’s Breast Cancer Awareness “Hot Pink Party”. 

The dance team’s participation in this event was to show their recognition and support for those who have fought against breast cancer and the families and friends who fought along with them. 

The dance team, along with it’s advisor, Professor of Physical Education Teresa Peeples, andcoach, fitness instructo Ronique Thomas, showed off their moves and danced the day away on the patio of the Student Activity Center. 

Dance Team President Ashlee Benton says, “The College can expect more performances, new routines, new faces and a new outlook.” 

According to Benton, Mariners can expect to see the team in action at men and women’s basketball games and other events on the Brunswick campus and community. 

Look out for their performance at the Mariner Fest on Oct. 17 alongside CCGA’s women’s volleyball team 

Benton says the teams purpose is drawn from true college spirt. 

“The goal of the dance team is to show Mariner Pride, put on a show for the student body and most importantly have fun!” she says.

The club was formed as a way to be more involved in campus life and support our college in a positive way. 

“I want the members to be able to come into dance practice and dance their stress away,” Benton said. “When I proposed the idea of the dance team I thought of a strong bond between the members of the team, a bond that will hopefully last a lifetime.

The members have been working hard on their routines and hope everyone enjoys their 2015 -2016 season.