All Things Fall-Related

By Cat Wright

Fall means football, crunchy leaves and lots of food. In addition, the Deep South offers it’s own an eclectic mix of fall activities. The southern traditions are a little bit harder to come by, so here is a fall count down to help spice up this fall season.

1) Each year ABC Family puts together a Halloween movie list counting down to Halloween. These movies consist of classics such as, Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Tim Burton classics and other kid friendly movies for the inner child in us. 

2) Halloween and trick-or-treating might be for kids but you’re never too old to party. Grab some of your friends, tell them to bring their friends and potluck some fall treats.  Have everyone dress up in the costume of there choice or set a theme and make it competition!

3) Cool air and changing leaves make for the coziest season of all. Get out and get your fix for the fall season. Try visiting a pumpkin patch or maybe do the corn maze at Poppell Farms. For more information visit

4) On a college budget? Here are three cheap and easy fall snacks to sweeten up your season.


1 can cream soda                                                                   

½ teaspoon butter extract                                                  

½ teaspoon rum extract                                   

Caramel or butter scotch syrup                   

Whip cream of choice

Serve Chilled.

Spooky Oreos: 

1 pack of Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies

1 can frosting of choice

Follow cooking instructions the back of the cookie box. After the cookies cool, take frosting and put your desired amount on one side. Sandwich together with a unfrosted cookie and place in the refrigerator of 10 minutes. Take out and enjoy.

Carmel Apple Slices:

1 Granny Smith Apple                        

Melting Chocolate

1 Packet of Skewers                    

Jar of Sprinkles

1 Can Caramel Sauce

Core apples and slice into 1/8 silces.

Stick apples with skewers half way through. Dip apples in caramel. Melt chocolate and drizzle onto slices. Add sprinkles or nuts for fun.