Honorable Bathrooms On Campus

By Alvin Fernando | Design Editor

If you’re like me, you too believe that using the restroom isn’t what it used to be on campus. Buildings are literally popping up from outta the ground and that adds more variety to the bathrooms you choose to use. We all gotta go. When you do (no pun intended), it’s all about comfort with yourself and your surroundings and there are legitimate reasons to why I meticulously choose the ones I do. Proper use of a restroom can put you ahead of the competition. Whether it’s dabbing a stain out of your shirt before a big presentation, or checking your hair while making kissy faces at yourself in the mirror (whatever you need to do, bud) we can all agree that using the restroom can make or break your day. That’s why I’ve put together a list of a few honorable mentions that I’ve tested out on campus.These toilets will be rated on: Cleanliness, Noise, Traffic /Availability, Proximity, and their individual oddities. 

1) ACS, First Floor: I mean what more do you want? You could put a commode in the Louvre and I would still prefer the ACS bathroom. Even opening the door is an experience in itself. You aren’t barraging through with your palms on the center of the door like a barbarian. You need real motor skills for this bad boy. The first thing you do is crank the handle down like you’re opening your first job’s office door. You know why? Because its business time. From there on it’s a museum. Stacks of toilet paper, extra-wide mirror and duel sinks all come together as you ride the sweet porcelain for the first time. The major perk to the ACS bathroom is the low consistent hum that almost puts you to sleep because it sounds like they’re playing the white noise machine that’s next to your bed. It’s an all-around great lavatory. 

2) ACS Building, Second Floor (Outside): I honestly almost didn’t put this one on the list because of how much I love it. You really have to go see it for yourself. It’s a bathroom they would have only built in the ‘80s. I first stumbled upon it when I took the elevator upstairs out of laziness and there it was sitting in all its glory. It may as well have been made of rubies because this bathroom is a precious gem. Let’s start off with the amenities. I was fumbling through Twitter on my phone and then decided to see if Wi-Fi even connected out that far and voila, it did! But alas, even the most perfect of situations has their downfall. There is one qualm I have with this outdoor experience and it’s seasonal. Whenever the weather gets hot (or cold), so does this bathroom. That’s the small price you must pay for sweet solitude. You can even hear the birds chirping outside. 

3) Andrews Center, Financial Aid Office, First Floor: This bathroom may or may not have been my fort of refuge during the dreaded week of Financial-Aid refunds. Besides the sentimental aspect of it all, this restroom has the least amount of sparkling and new amenities. You’re not going to find the Dyson Hand-Dryers boasting their elegance like in the Campus Center or Nursing Building. What you get here is no-nonsense bread and butter. With the exception of the first few weeks of school, there is almost no traffic coming through those doors. Due to the lack of traffic, the stalls stay stacked with toilet paper so you never have to worry about unequipped commodes. The faucets are manual so you don’t have to deal with finicky sensors, just a constant stream of hand-washing goodness.