Brunswick Stewdio

By Drew C. Miller | Editor-in-Chief

Brunswick Stewdio has open arms for Mariners. Associate Professor of Fine Art, Jeff LeMieux will be teaching CCGA courses ARTS 1010, and Drawing 1 at the downtown Brunswick Studio. LeMieux explains the Stewdio will facilitatate interaction of CCGA arts students with practicing artists and the growing arts community within the Golden Isles.  

In an interview with LeMieux, he says “A drawback of college arts programs is their insularity from the real-world dynamics of arts practice.  By interacting with members of the arts community, CCGA students will benefit in three main ways: first, they will directly witness the degree of effort and investment required to live and work as an artist in the community. Second, they will naturally form relationships with individuals in the larger arts community, and third, they will increase their own awareness of ongoing and potential collaborative projects within that community.”

He adds, “Currently the only course we’re running is the Drawing I class, which is held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.” 

“Most recently the drawing students completed an exercise known as “blind contour” in which they drew without looking at their paper in order to develop a kinesthetic awareness of their hand/arm/body in the act of drawing. It also produces unusually free looking drawings that have a unique character.  This demonstrates the hidden depth that can be found when artists move past standard approaches and practiced formulae,” says LeMieux. 

In addition to earning 3 college credits in the ARTS, students gain exposure to local arts professionals and get a real world view of demands of art practice,”  LeMieux adds. “As an academic, I can recommend, explain, exhort and even demonstrate by example, but the real test comes when art students have to put their discipline into place in the real world.  The Stewdio gives us the ability to see firsthand from arts authorities who are living and working in that world already, not just isolated in a classroom at the college. For this fall, the plan is to involve associated arts professionals at the Stewdio in the regular critique sessions found in the drawing class. This has two purposes: to help students (and the college) form relationships in the local arts community,