Chef Raiford

By Drew C. Miller | Editor-in-Chief

The food produced at The Farmer and the Larder represents this philosophy. 

It’s the kind of place where you walk through the doors and feel at home.  Opening this for First Friday (Sept. 4), The Farmer and Larder is the brainchild of former College of Coastal Georgia Executive Chef, Matthew Raiford.

Located in the Historic Downtown District of Brunswick, Raiford’s space hosts local fare with a belief in bringing food straight from the farm to the comsumer. Food comes directly from his family’s Gilliard Farms, which has been in operation since 1874. Most products in The Farmer and the Larder have a direct connection to the local community, much of the fare is derived in The Golden Isles. 

The Farmer and the Larder hosts cooking classes twice a week, grab-n-go lunch, full dinner, Sunday brunch and full retail which is supplied solely from local vendors. Raiford’s food draws influence from 100 years of different cultural impacts on the Golden Isles; Dutch, Irish, Spanish, French, etc. 

Aside from being the former Executive Chef in the College’s culinary program, Raiford’s connection to CCGA began 35 years ago when he was part of the model United Nations hosted on campus. Although he isn’t on campus anymore, he “totally believes in the Mariners.”

When asked about what makes the most impact in his life, Raiford responded, “Dream big, and resolve that life is life-long learning. Never settle for good. Strive for great, and if you don’t make it to great, at least you’ve been good this whole time.” 

This wisdom and viewpoint applies to his business and work ethic; running a tight ship while maintaininga commitment to promoting healthy and sustainable living.