Cracking Down On Frat Beach

By Alvin Fernando | Design Editor

The precursor to college football’s largest tailgate, “Frat Beach”, is getting recoil from The Glynn County Board of Commissioners. No longer will the County tolerate the infamous underage boozing, littering and “other illegal behavior”. 

In preparation for the big game on Saturday, Oct. 31, many young adults including a large group of undergrad students from UGA visit Saint Simons Island and gather on East Beach to... well, party. And for many Glynn County members, that partying has created concerns for the safety of themselves and those who visit the Islands and Brunswick.

In an attempt to curtail and eliminate all unlawful behavior the County will be enforcing the law at this year’s event for the health and safety for both citizens and visitors. 

The measures being taken are creating ripples of conversation among those in and around the sphere of what happens on Frat Beach. 

According to a recent polll by The Crow’s Nest, many Coastal Georgia students thing the County’s proactive approach will prove beneficial, including Freshman Owen Kimball.

“They’re making sure you’re 21 to even get on frat beach,” says Kimball. “So that’s definitely going to reduce the number of underage drinkers and drunk drivers for sure. I think what they’re doing this year is great.”

Others rebut the action, doubting its need or effectivness. Sophomore Ronald Tran believes the strategy will be ineffective.

“There are so many access points onto East beach that it’s pointless to stop everyone from getting on the beach,” Tran says. “I think it’s kind of annoying what the county is doing, but at the same time I understand what they’re trying to accomplish. I think they shouldn’t be too strict about it.”

Mariner Melody Wilkins shares a similar view. 

“I believe people will still try to sneak on the beach,” Wilkins admits. “Regardless of the (police) presence on Frat Beach, even in their off time… people are still going to do what they want to do without guidance.”

What do you think? If you are a first-timer or a seasoned veteran attending Frat Beach, tweet us your thoughts and photos to @ccga_crowsnest on Twitter.