Last Ride Ghost Tours

By Drew C. Miller | Editor-in-Chief

Dreadfully daunting and horrifically haunting, The Last Ride Ghost Tours of Historic Downtown Brunswick offers a night unlike any other. The Crow’s Nest staff embarked on a tour recently. Guests enter the doom buggy, a 1994 Cadillac Hearse and wager a grim bet with hosts Bernie and April Hann; can you make it through the entirety of the tour without being completely spooked?

Riders are greeted and bestowed with a toe tag naming your cause of death; your ticket to ride. Upon entering the hearse and sitting atop one of the custom built pews inside, you’re informed your hitching a ride in a vehicle that delivered 6,600 silent souls to the afterlife. 

Once mobile, the cool wind dances through your hair and the ghastly blue hue of the interior light creates an eerie effect for passengers. However, the night breeze is not what sends chills down your spine. 

Riders are taken on a tour through the Historic District of Brunswick, frequenting stops that give a macabre history of the area; phantasmagorical stories filled with bloodshed, heartbreak and all things that go bump in the night.

The appeal of the Last Ride Ghost Tours does not solely reside in the stories told. Funny anecdotes and side jokes are peppered into the legends, the Hanns warmly greet riders and all in all tourists get a glimpse of the silent beauty Historic Brunswick offers under the shade of nightfall. 

The Last Ride Ghost Tours give riders a new knowledge base and appreciation for the spanning history of Brunswick. Last Ride Ghost Tours offer discounts to CCGA students. For more information call 912-265-2666.