Mary Ross Makeover

By Drew C. Miller | Editor-in-Chief

Mary Ross Waterfront Park sits lonely at the edge of the East River in Downtown Brunswick. Students may know it as that place with the vacant building that showcases punk and metal shows from time to time. Most know it as the place that hosts the Brunswick Bazaar and Farmer’s Market Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m .to 5 p.m. 

Others know it as the place with the xylophones and the scale model of the World War II Liberty Ship. Public events such as the Brunswick Stewbelie, Rhythm on the River and other small festivals take place in the lot. The renowned travel magazine, Travel and Leisure voted Brunswick, Ga; specifically Mary Ross Waterfront Park as the 10th-best town to experience the Fourth of July. 

Despite having events, the low frequency of such events taking place creates a space that ismostly vacant. This is due to change in the near future. Years of planning are about to pay off: according to an official report released by, Mary Ross Waterfront Park is due to receive an epic overhaul. 

An extensive list of the planned updates has been made available through a preliminary master plan on the website. The list includes: a dockside observation deck, children’s spray ground interactive water feature, a promenade, pier, rain garden, tabby pathways, waterfront dining, covered event stage, covered seating, kayak/canoe launch a tackle shack, bocce ball, daytime boat parking, new lighting, swings, learning kiosks, shade structures and a nautical park.

Having such a place is one way to bring more attention to Downtown Brunswick, and provide new opportunities and access to the community.