Arbor Day Gives Inspiration for an On-Campus Tree Dedication

By Sarah Knott | Editor-in-Chief

Students, Staff and Faculty gather to plant trees dedicated to the class of 2019.

Perhaps a few of the most outstanding and recognizable parts of the College of Coastal Georgia’s campus are its trees. Some tower over the Correll Center and others hang low over our heads, providing shade as we make our way down the Pedestrian Mall on our way from one class to another. On Feb. 19, National Arbor Day, a group of Costal students, faculty and staff gathered to plant two additions to the collection of trees on campus. The Biology Club worked in junction with the Campus Tree Committee to plan the college’s first Arbor Day celebration. The trees planted were both dedicated to the class of 2019. 

“We plan to make this an annual event and plant two trees a year.” said Biology Club President Jennifer Jenkins. “This will move the college along on the road to becoming Tree Campus USA certified.” 

To become a certified TCUSA college we must meet five requirements: have a campus tree advisory committee, a campus tree care plan and a tree program with dedicated annual expenditures, observe arbor day and include a service learning project. 

“The goal is to become Tree Campus USA certified,” said Brandon Letson, a member of the Campus Tree Committee. “Becoming certified will benefit the campus by producing cleaner air, and will also help the college gain resources such as grants and new equipment.” 

The event featured speakers like Jenkins as well as the Glynn County Agricultural and Natural Resources Agent Dr. Don Gardner. “We plant trees because we seek to affirm life in a way that will make our mark on our communities in a visible, durable and beneficial way.” Gardner said. “We plant trees because we know we are mortal and we want to leave this world a better place than we found it.”

The celebration also included a contest in which a cross-section was provided from the tree that recently had to be removed from the Pedestrian Mall and students tried to guess the relative age of the tree. Winners were granted bonsai trees to fit the theme of the event. 

The two trees are located near the Zell Bell at the end of the Pedestrian Mall near Academic Commons South. Over the years, they will continue to grow with us and serve as a living connection between the class of 2019 and our time here.