Tryna' Get Brig?!

By: Sam  | Sports Editor

Students of CCGA, are you interested in taking your physical abilities to the next level? We here at the crow’s nest recommend you come check out The Brig and everything it has to offer! The Brig is the functional fitness room located on the left side of the SAC, straight down the hallway past the bathrooms and conference rooms.

At CCGA we are dedicated to helping our students get into the best shape of their life. We have many different pieces of equipment that are easy to use and can help you grow physically. The center features a multi-function rack, with a heavy bag, battle rope, infinity rope plus TRX capabilities as well as kettle bells, core bags, agility ladders, rowing machines, tires, plyometric boxes, a 50-foot turf strip and more.

Functional fitness isn’t just about seeing results. It’s about conditioning your body to function correctly during day-to-day activities. Traditional “weightlifting” exercises generally target only one muscle for each exercise. Functional training exercise generally targets more than one body part with each movement or exercise. As you add more functional exercises to your workout, you should see improvements in your ability to perform your everyday activities.

Many of functional fitness activities focus on your core and abdomen, and strengthening these muscles will do wonders for your balance. That can be the difference between pulling a tendon when you slip down the stairs or catching yourself before you fall.

Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and efficiently. It will help prepare your body when life becomes unpredictable. The exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by doing common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. Functional fitness exercises can make everyday activities easier and help reduce the possibilities of an injury. “The Brig offers students an exciting, different approach for achieving their desired physique. It can be utilized by students ranging from all fitness levels; the equipment can be used for students to train at their own pace” says certified trainer Colt Brockington.

Moving from normal gym machine exercises to functional fitness exercises can be a shock to your body, those functional exercises can be a lot harder! If you haven’t been incorporating functional fitness exercises into your routine, now’s the time to start. Mixing up your fitness routine with versatile functional fitness exercises not only prevents plateauing but will also condition your body. If you are looking for an extra pump after hitting the fitness center, The Brig is the place to be!

If you don’t want to check out The Brig alone, grab a friend and bring them with you, we insist! The Mariner Rec has an amazing staff who is always willing to lend a helping hand to anybody at any time. The Brig is a fun environment to be in and is a productive way to spend your time on campus. Whenever you have time and want to get a good workout in go check out The Brig!


Athletic Events

* Friday, Oct. 21 v. Bethel University 7:00 PM (Mariner Fest)
* Saturday, Oct. 22 v. Martin Methodist 2:00 PM (Mariner Fest)
* Thursday, Oct. 27 @ William Carey Univ. 8:00 PM
* Friday, Oct. 28 @ University of Mobile 8:30 PM
* Saturday, Oct. 29 @ Loyola University 12:00 PM
* Thursday, Nov. 3 v. Faulkner University 7:00 PM
* Friday, Nov. 4 v. Dalton State Univ. 7:00 PM
* Saturday, Nov. 5 v. Brenau University 1:00 PM
Men’s golf:
* Monday, Oct. 31, Day 1 - Dave Adamonis Invitational
* Tuesday, Nov. 1, Day 2 - Dave Adamonis Invitational
Women’s Golf:
* Monday, Oct. 17, Day 1 – Thomas Invitational
* Tuesday, Oct. 18, Day 2 – Thomas Invitational
* Monday, Oct. 31, Day 1 – SSAC Fall Preview
* Tuesday, Nov. 1, Day 2 – SSAC Fall Preview
Men’s Basketball:
* Friday, Oct. 28 v. Lindsey Wilson 7:00 PM
* Tuesday, Nov. 1 v. Voorhees College 7:00 PM
* Saturday, Nov. 5 @ Webber International 4:00 PM
* Thursday, Nov. 10 @ Voorhees College 7:00 PM
* Saturday, Nov. 12 @ Edward Waters 7:00 PM
* Monday, Nov. 14 @ Georgia Southern 7:00 PM
Women’s Basketball:
* Monday, Oct. 24 @ Thomas University 5:30 PM
* Sunday, Oct. 30 @ Middle Georgia 3:00 PM
* Tuesday, Nov. 1 @ Georgia Southern 7:00 PM
* Sunday, Nov. 6 @ Kennesaw State 2:00 PM
* Tuesday, Nov. 8 v. Allen University 5:30 PM
* Saturday, Nov. 12 @ Reinhardt University 12:00 P

Oh, The Places You'll Go

By: Lexi  |  Copy Editor

Brunswick is full of events and attractions, especially around this time of the year! It is the perfect time for family and friends to explore all that Brunswick has to offer! For activities there are countless possibilities to have fun, yet here are some to get the show started:

The beaches on St. Simons, Jekyll Island and Brunswick
Take the crew to visit the beautiful beaches and scenery that the Golden Isles have. You will not regret it and you may collect many beautiful shells on the beach if it is too cold for liking! It is never a waste. Even getting on Jekyll is free for students and staff!

Bowling; Strike-zone
If the crew wishes to have a friendly challenge, then why not see who has the best score by bowling to victory. After all, CCGA goers get two free games and after those games fi nish it is arcade-lamode! The fun is practically endless.

Camping; various places on Jekyll
For the brave souls, there is camping. Wish to break away from society and electronics, then pack the bags and grab the tent! It is the perfect time to see the stars and catch dinner. For the less brave souls there are RV spots if one can get their hands on a RV. For any souls who wish to take on a challenge there is kayaking, fi shing, and more! Don’t forget passage onto Jekyll is free for all CCGA students and staff.

Movies: Ritz Theatre, Actors’ Theatre
If one prefers the theatre life and seeing plays, then look up the showings and schedule the perfect day! From the historical Ritz to the more modern stage of Actors’. Sit back, relax and have a good laugh! Cherish the way before the day of Hollywood productions took the stage!

Brunswick is full of events for this time! Take the crew to view the various sides of the Golden Isles! Fall has arrived and it is time to fall in autumn love for these festivals and events.

Cinema Gourmet Presents Psycho October 27th, 2016 6:30 pm to 9:00pm
In the Ritz Theatre; Cinema Gourmet is showing the famous 60s movie Psycho! Grab the crew and get the tickets before they sell out! Tickets are $18 per person for food and movie! They can be purchased online or at the theatre Tuesday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Turtleween October 22nd,2016  9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Georgia Sea Turtle Center is hosting Turtleween in celebration of nature’s beauty and awe. Showing all those willing to go about the wildlife around them, including the mystical glowing creatures of the deep! This event is free with admission to the GSTC.

The Farmers Market at Sea Island October 22nd, 2016 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
This event is held annually to show all the charm of the southern way. Listen to live music and try frsh produce samples and southern products while have quite the fun! Sea Island is open for the public on this day, hosting this event in the Sea Island Market! Don’t miss out!

Annual Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee October 22nd, 2016 9:00 am to 2:00pm
This annual event is hosted at Mary Ross Waterfront Park. There will be live music, a parade, stew tasting, and even a car show, all for $9. Gather the squad and go have a ball!